Dead Space for iOS is $0.99

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Dead Space iOS Every once in a while, a deal comes along that is so good, you’d think it was done in error. That’s what I thought when I looked in the App Store and saw Dead Space for $0.99 on the iPhone. After trying to download the app several times, I was met with a message that said the game was being modified. My heart was sinking, but suddenly, the purchase went through.

Electronic Arts is having another massive sale for this weekend in which you can get up to 90% off on games. At least that’s what the iTunes page for Dead Space said a few hours ago. When I decided to write this story to let you all know of the sale, Dead Space jumped back up to $6.99. It’s now back down to $0.99. What’s going on here?

In case the price switches yet again, here’s a screenshot.

Dead Space iOS sale

At this time, the sale notice is back up. I made sure to check my recent iTunes purchases to make sure I wasn’t charged the full amount. Thankfully, I wasn’t.

Dead Space HD for the iPad is also $0.99.

Purchase [Dead Space iPhone] [Dead Space iPad]

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