Sony remains vague on PSN outage, we demand answers

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The PlayStation Network is not operational at the moment following recent network attacks that occurred outside of the company. The only thing Sony has confirmed to customers is that it took PSN offline while it sorts out this situation. While we certainly appreciate this long awaited update, it’s not enough to satisfy most people. Above all else, customers want to know if their account information is still secure.

Whatever the nature of the attack is, it has to be pretty serious if Sony was willing to take the entire PlayStation Network and Qriocity services offline. With each passing minute, Sony is losing out on bags and bags of potential dollars from customers purchasing games, DLC, movies and music. We, the customers, just want to make sure we’re not losing money as well to thieves. We understand why Sony does not want to divulge the nature of the attack before it’s resolved, but it should at least let customers know their credit or debit card information hasn’t been compromised.

At the end of March, Epsilon, a marketing company that distributes emails for huge companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, TiVo and others, encountered a security breach of its own. Whomever infiltrated the Epsilon database only made off with millions of email addresses, but even those can be used to promote spam and phishing scams. Epsilon immediately notified the public of this breach and the affected companies sent emails to their customers as well. Epsilon was also quick to announce that no account information from customers was stolen. Now why can’t Sony answer this simple and crucial question? Sony’s silence can lead some to believe that Sony isn’t sure if account information is safe. The longer Sony doesn’t address this issue, the worse this PR nightmare will get.

When the outage ends, the question remains on whether Sony should offer some kind of compensation to its customers. This can be an extremely expensive option for Sony. Compensating every PSN user in the world does not seem likely. However, Sony should find some way to compensate PlayStation Plus subscribers for the PSN downtime. Unlike normal PSN users, PS Plus subscribers pay for added benefits. The least Sony could do is extend those accounts to correspond with the number of days PSN wasn’t available. The same goes for Music Unlimited subscribers.

In terms of games, players of DC Universe Online or Free Realms subscribers should be equally compensated.

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  • TJ Harrell

    I don't understand why almost everyone brings up PlayStation Plus and compensation in light of what has happened. PlayStation Plus is not a time-sensitive subscription. As a subscriber, aside from specific features including automatic downloads and the cloud, you are given special offers and discounts, and a few free things now and then. The only real aspect of it based on time is how long these offers last. All I can see happening is the extension of current offers for another week or two. What is 4-5 days tacked on to your subscription really going to do? It would, in many cases, do absolutely nothing if that extension did not reach the next PlayStation Plus update.

    Music Unlimited is a different story, as it is a time-sensitive feature. As for games, it is ultimately up to the developers of those games to extend subscriptions.

  • Jenni Lada

    All this makes me glad I never used my credit card to buy PSN games and don't have one tied to my account. PSN cards ftw!

    I'm not sure Sony will do anything for PS+ customers. Maybe the company will extend any sales or free offers people might have missed out on during the outage?