Nintendo hardware and software sales decrease, profits down

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3DS colors Nintendo covered some interesting topics in its latest financial report. Besides confirming the successor to the Wii and announcing it will be playable at E3 this year, the company also touched on its losses. Nintendo just isn’t seeing the same sales strength as it used to. Hardware and software sales for the United States, Europe and Japan decreased compared to last year. This decline is either indicative of the public’s tiring of the Wii or the fact that anyone who wanted a Wii already has one by now. Either way, the Wii successor is badly needed at this point.

To paint a picture of Nintendo’s financial woes, its profits were down by 66.1 percent compared to its last fiscal year. Net sales were down almost 30 percent. Nintendo saw record sales last year, which contributes to this big decrease. Nintendo also attributed the decrease “to appreciation of the yen and the price reduction of “Nintendo DS” series hardware.”

Nintendo also announced it sold 17.52 million DS units, 15.08 million Wii units and 3.61 million 3DS units during the fiscal year. The Wii and DS also saw an increase in titles that sold over a million units compared to the last fiscal year.

Nintendo responded to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan by saying production of its products has not been affected. It does expect the disaster to influence what consumers spend their money on in the near future.

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