Xbox Live avatars can grapple in upcoming Fire Pro Wrestling

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Fire Pro Wrestling

Spike’s Fire Pro Wrestling has traditionally catered to the hardest of hardcore wrestling lovers. It has huge rosters with the authentic moves of real-life wrestlers. The names, of course, are always changed so Spike doesn’t get sued. Even then, it has an Edit mode so you can change the fake names to real ones. The game features barbed wire, C4 deathmatches and other violence seldom seen in American mainstream wrestling. In the hopes of reaching a bigger audience, Fire Pro Wrestling is getting cute as it heads to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Slated for Summer 2011 release, the XBLA version pits our adorable Xbox Live avatars against each other.

This is published by Microsoft, so the marketplace content you have purchased can be used to customize your wrestler. Let the Cowboy in a Pink Tutu vs. Master Chief battles commence. The game’s career mode will be in role-playing game style, so you unlock more moves and customization options as you progress. It will feature single matches, tag team matches and battle royals. You can suplex all your friends on Xbox Live, which is where the true longevity factors in for a fighting game.

Microsoft has been promising us more things to do in games with our cute little avatars. The influence of the Nintendo Wii is apparent here. Some of the classic N64 wrestling games are a clear influence as well. Finishing moves are applied after your grappler builds up “Spirit” just as in games such as WWF No Mercy. The game also simplifies Fire Pro’s timing-based combat with a button-mashing minigame. This Fire Pro is catering to the mainstream wrestling fan, or even to the fighting game fan who would like to throw down with avatars.

This incarnation of Fire Pro may alienate some of its hardcore following. If you want to smack an edited “Kevin Nash” with a light bulb tube and knock him onto explosives, this is not your game. Those looking for a more mainstream, family-friendly wrestling experience may enjoy Fire Pro Wrestling for XBLA. It’s set for a summer 2011 release and no price has been announced yet.

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