Sony Computer Entertainment hit with class action lawsuit

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SCE logo We all knew this would happen eventually. Sony Computer Entertainment is being sued due to the PlayStation Network breach that resulted in the theft of some 77 million user’s account information. The class action lawsuit was filed by Kristopher Johns in the United States District Court of Northern California. Johns is suing on behalf of himself and anyone else affected by the data hack. Johns and the millions he’s representing are seeking compensation for “their loss (both temporary and permanent) of use of their PlayStation consoles and the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.” The lawsuit is being handled by the Rothken Law Firm.

That’s not all Johns is seeking. He also is requesting that Sony compensate everyone for the time they’ve spent checking credit reports, changing passwords, cancelling credit cards and other time consuming endeavors that were necessary in protecting their identities. Damages for legal fees and a possible recall of PS3s are also being asked for.

Sony is specifically being accused of knowing customer identification was at risk and doing nothing to inform the public in a timely manner.

“Unwilling to admit fault, SONY sat silently while consumers purchased defective PlayStation consoles and PSN service without warning customers about the risks inherent in purchasing and relying upon SONY’s data security,” read the filing.

The filing also says that Sony failed to “properly encrypt data” and didn’t provide adequate protection against potential attacks. Sony has admitted to not encrypting personal data, but credit card information was encrypted.

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