Review: Hector: Episode 1 – We Negotiate With Terrorists

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Title: Hector: Episode 1 – We Negotiate With Terrorists
Price: $9.99
System(s): *PC, Mac
Release Date: April 28, 2011
Publisher (Developer): Telltale
ESRB Rating: “Mature”
Pros: raunchy adult humor, laugh out loud funny dialogue and actions, lots of hints AND a walkthrough offered right in the game.
Cons: difficult puzzles, not child friendly, lots of British slang that may be hard to figure out.
Overall Score: Two Thumbs up; 94 out of 100; A; * * * * out of 5.

He’s big, he’s loud, he’s obnoxious and he’s also the only hope left for Clappers Wreake (which isn’t very reassuring). Who is he? He’s Hector.

A crazed terrorist with even crazier demands has put the town at risk when he decides that Clappers Wreake is a horrible run down town and it should be either fixed up or destroyed. It’s now up to Hector to fix up the town before more people are killed.

Off to Find Your Trousers


This game is a bit different than any other Telltale games you may have played. Hector is raunchy, lewd and filled with lots of sex and drug references. In other words, it’s very fun for adults, not so much the kiddies.

Hector lives in Clappers Wreake which is a run down ghetto town filled with hookers, street gangs and crack heads. Of course Hector doesn’t mind this and likes his town just as it is but a certain terrorist seems to think otherwise. The unknown terrorist gives Hector three demands: He must fix the clock tower, shut down the porn shop and help the man in the park raise money to better the town. Hector doesn’t like any of this (especially the having to close down the porn shop bit) but at the same time, it must be done.

You can fulfill these demands in any order you want but, when you start searching for items, you’ll notice that you may need to make progress in one demand before you can move on in another. For example, you can’t get an item you need to help the park man until you progress a bit in shutting down the porn shop.

Most of the challenges in the game involve doing disgusting or hilarious things that you would never do in real life (thank god you are a cartoon.) For example, you need to fish around in a vile toilet right in the beginning of the game to get a paperclip you need to get out of the room. Hector actually makes a joke about some of the gross things he has in his pockets, “remind me not to put in my hands in my pockets, ever.”

You have to click the right series of phrases when talking to people to progress in getting the item you need from them. If you choose the wrong thing to say, you have to start over again. Because the dialogue in the game is so funny, I suggest clicking on everything more than once and talking to everyone.

Sex, Drugs and Beat-Up Cars


The characters in this game are all British, so they use lots of British slang. For the most part you can figure out what they are saying but, at times, it’s not very clear unless you understand the slang, especially when the teenagers are talking. Other times, though, it just adds a little something to the humor in the dialogue.

One nice thing is that there is a endless supply of hints in the game, from very subtle to a full-blown walkthrough. If you are the type that just wants a little shove in the right direction then you should just talk to your partner who is at the crime scene and he will give you a few simple hints. Otherwise you can click on the question mark and get a more detailed hint, however the game may insult you as well for being so lazy.

These are hard challenges, too. Most are solved by trial-and-error or by looking at the walkthrough. It’s very important to talk to everyone and use all the dialogue options because, if you don’t, you might miss an item that they are suppose to give you. It’s equally important to click on everything that looks clickable because sometimes things are available later in the game and not right away. Like in most adventure games, there are also a lot of red herrings in this game to be aware of.

Funny and Blue, What More Could You Want?


At first I was a bit weary about a mature game from Telltale but Hector: Episode 1 was lots of fun and very funny. It wasn’t overly sexual or tactless. In fact, it was just tackless enough.

If you are a mature adult (or even an immature adult), that likes to step out of the “clean box” once in awhile, you will definitely want to check this out. There will also be two more episodes coming out in the months to come so keep an eye out.

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