Mass Effect 3 delayed to 2012

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Mass Effect 3 trailer image

We can scratch one game off our our must-buy list of 2011. Bioware announced on the Mass Effect 3 Facebook page that the game has been delayed until 2012. More specifically, Mass Effect 3 will be released during the first quarter of 2012. Expect to see it in stores between January and March.

There is no clear reason why BioWare is delaying the game. The only information regarding the reason behind the delay was provided by Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

“The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations,” Hudson wrote.

Mass Effect 3 now has the opportunity to occupy a release window in which there isn’t a lot of stiff competition.

To be honest, not being able to purchase Mass Effect 3 this year is a disappointment, but it’s not like there aren’t a lot of potentially great games coming out. We’ve got Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, L.A. Noire, inFamous 2 and the inevitable next Call of Duty game to look forward to. There’s also bound to be some great 3DS games available and Sony’s NGP could possibly be released this year too.

Maybe we should be thankful that our wallets will be able to breathe a little easier.

Via [Mass Effect 3 Facebook]

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