EA allegedly has the new Xbox console [Update]

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EA logo Those of you who don’t want anything to do with a new generation of consoles (besides the Wii successor) now have one more piece of hardware to worry about. According to Develop, Electronic Arts is currently in possession of the follow-up to the Xbox 360. The new console was believed to had been delivered in April and EA is in the software planning stages.

No details were given as to what the new console looks like. Apparently Microsoft sent the console to EA disguised as a regular PC. This method is perfect for cutting down on suspicions as well as leaked photos and videos. Develop’s source claims we may get an announcement of some kind at E3 next month, followed by a late 2012 release.

At the beginning of March, job postings for a VLSI graphics architect, senior hardware verification engineer and senior architect and performance engineer were posted by Microsoft. These individuals were to be assigned to work on future Xbox platforms.

We didn’t think a new Xbox would come so soon after Kinect’s release. Develop believes the new console “will feature enhanced support for Kinect with just a couple of alterations.”

Update: EA has flat out denied this report to Kotaku. “This story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true,” said EA spokesperson Jeff Brown.

Via [Develop] Read [Team Xbox]

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