Payton Lane Easter gets his name in BioShock Infinite

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BioShock Infinite Payton Lane Easter Premium automated StallionsBack on April 8, 2011, Irrational Games decided to hold a Get Your Name in the Game contest to promote BioShock Infinite, and now Payton Lane Easter has been declared the winner! Payton Lane Easter’s moniker will be forever immortalized in BioShock Infinite in-game advertisements. That’s the exact image on the right there that will appear in the game, a poster by Mike Swiderek of Payton Lane Easter & Sons Automated Stallions.

Over 100,000 people submitted their names for consideration in an attempt to get something in BioShock Infinite named after them. Irrational Games saw Payton Lane Easter though and knew they had found the name they were searching for. Easter now has earned video game immortality just because he had a ridiculously awesome name. Congratulations Payton!

By the way, that’s the only prize Easter gets. He doesn’t get a free copy of BioShock Infinite or anything like that. Still, the honor of being in the game and having everyone talk about him for a couple days is pretty great too.

I’m letting you know right now – I fully expect to see some of those Easter premium automated stallions running haywire in BioShock Infinite. Irrational Games just can’t tease us with the idea of mechanical horses galloping all around the floating island!

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