3DS eShop and internet browser coming June 6, 2011

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Nintendo 3DS eShopWell 3DS owners, it’s a good think we’ve learned how to be patient these past two months while waiting for that big firmware update Nintendo promised us, because we’re going to have to wait some more. Yes, I know, we were supposed to get a firmware update that would give us a free internet browser and an eShop filled with downloadable games before the end of May, 2011. Sometimes things just don’t work out they way they’re supposed to, and that firmware released has been pushed back to June, 2011.

Actually, to June 6, 2011 if you want to get technical. That night, Nintendo will release the firmware that will give us something to do other than play Face Raiders or AR Games again. That’s only the North American release date though. Japan will get the firmware on June 7, 2011. Of course, with the time difference, the firmware will actually probably have a near simultaneous launch in both regions. Nintendo hasn’t stated when the European firmware will launch, but it’ll probably be around the same time.

We should look at it this way, it isn’t all bad news. Granted, we do have to wait a little longer for the internet browser and eShop that should have been included with the system when it launched on March 27, 2011, but still. At least we have a definite date for the release. Besides, it’s really only around a week late, which isn’t too significant a delay.

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