Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition is coming to China

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Plants vs Zombies roof Plants vs. Zombies will be taking on a new form thanks to a partnership between PopCap Games and Renren, a social networking site in China. PopCap’s studio in Shanghai, China will be developing Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition for the social network. A release date hasn’t been announced just yet.

Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition won’t just be about keeping zombies off the lawn. It will allow players to create and customize their own towns within the game. They can invite their friends to their town before engaging in a new feature called Rampage mode.

Rampage mode will last for two minutes and involves protecting personal spaces from zombies.

These quick gameplay modes have become a staple with PopCap as evidenced by Zuma Blitz and Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

PopCap is expecting around 1 million to participate in Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition when it launches.

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