Sony plans to bring the PlayStation Store back online May 24

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PlayStation Store Though many of the PlayStation Network’s services have been restored, the PlayStation Store has remained offline since Sony initially shut down the network. Previous reports indicated that Sony planned to have everything up and running by the end of May. A memo sent to developers and publishers from Sony, and obtained by Gamasutra, indicates that the PlayStation Store is scheduled to re-open on May 24, 2011. Of course that could all change if something unthinkable happens between now and then.

Sony confirmed earlier this week that it will push out multiple PlayStation Store updates in order to catch up to the back catalog of releases. The Sony memo says that on Tuesday May 24, the PlayStation Store will be updated with content that should have been released on April 26. On May 27, the PlayStation Store will update again, containing content that was meant to release on May 3. Sony will continue to do two PlayStation Store updates every week until it has caught up with the original release schedule.

Sony will also work with publishers and developers to push up some content that may be considered time sensitive.

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