2 free Dead Space 2 maps coming May 31 and June 3

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Dead Space 2

So, Dead Space 2 has been out for four months now. I’m sure you’ve already beaten the single player campaign and the game’s moved out of your main rotation. Well, there’s a reason to dust that disc off now, as EA and Visceral Games have some free DLC planned. We love freebies!

The free Outbreak Map Pack DLC has to do with a part of Dead Space 2 you probably haven’t tired of yet – the multiplayer. You remember that part, right? It’s where eight players work together on two teams of four, one being humans and the other Necromorphs, with the humans trying to get something done and Necromorphs trying to stop that. The Academy and The Concourse DLC maps will spice things up a little, giving players new places to run around, shooting at each other. Not bad, considering what some companies charge for map pack DLC.

The Outbreak Map Pack will be coming out next week for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it won’t be a simultaneous release. Xbox 360 owners get it first on May 31, 2011. PS3 owners have to wait until June 3, 2011. I’m sure that delay has something to do with that whole PlayStation-Store-still-isn’t-up-yet thing.

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