Asia will see PSN return tomorrow

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PSN logo It has been over a month in the making, but the PlayStation Network is finally going to be restored in Japan and countries in Asia. More specifically, most services will be back online in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malasia, Thailand and Indonesia. Countries such as South Korea and Hong Kong will have to deal with the outage a little longer. Sony is still dedicated to completely restoring the PlayStation Network by the end of the month.

Japan has held up the return of the PlayStation Network. The country needed to be sure that Sony has adequate measures in place to protect customer data. It also required Sony to do whatever it could to show that it intends to win back the trust of its millions of customers.

Just like other regions, Sony has a Welcome Pack program in place for Japan and Asia. They are getting 30 days of PlayStation Plus, a total of four select PS3 and PSP games, a premium theme, free movie rentals and a special gift within PlayStation Home.

The PlayStation Store may not be available when PSN comes back online for these countries. It was believed that the PlayStation Store would return last Tuesday, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Sony has already lost an estimated $171 million during the PSN outage so far. We’d imagine the company is working as fast as it can to get the store back up to recoup those losses.

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