Sony E3 press conference will stream from PlayStation Home

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PS Home E3

It’s a good thing Sony managed to bring the PlayStation Network back online when it did. For this year’s E3 press conference, Sony is trying something a little different. It will be live streaming the event from PlayStation Home. The stream will begin on June 6 at 5pm Pacific time. You’ll be able to see what tricks Sony has up its sleeve as it attempts to make the PS3 and NGP look like the best electronic devices ever conceived.

While the press conference is strictly a viewing experience, the rest of the show will have some interactive options for PlayStation Home visitors. Sony has created a virtual E3 booth for you to tour. It’s almost just like the real PlayStation section on the show floor minus the long lines, foot pain and the threat of dehydration. The booths will be available on June 7 at noon.

Sony also plans to offer incentives for visiting its virtual booth. You’ll get exclusive PS Home items for participating. Upon unlocking everything, you’ll be given the chance to play a portion of a game called Scribble Shooter. Sony will also have a virtual NGP available for Home users to examine from every angle.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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