OnLive drops news bombs, announces Facebook and Intel support

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OnLive logo OnLive has avoided the cluster of upcoming E3 news by having some big announcements ahead of time. OnLive is expanding its reach from location, support and device compatibility standpoints. The cloud gaming service will be coming to the United Kingdom this fall. It’s also bringing in new support form Disney Interactive Studio, Facebook and Intel.

It’s no surprise that Facebook would be involved with OnLive in some way. These days it makes no sense for any company that puts an emphasis on building a community to avoid teaming with the biggest social network in the world. OnLive users will be able to launch OnLive through Facebook and sync their accounts to allow the service to automatically post Brag Clips on their wall.

Disney Interactive Studio will join the army of publishers who support OnLive. Disney will bring Pure and Split/Second to OnLive in the future. These may be older games, but it’s a start. Also, the multiplayer portion of Homefront is now a part of OnLive’s $9.99 a month PlayPack. As someone who has completed Homefront‘s campaign, I can tell you that you aren’t missing all that much by going the multiplayer route.

In the past, we’ve seen OnLive running on devices such as the iPad. We also know that Vizio and HTC will supply OnLive compatible products. OnLive is strengthening its position in the marketplace by entering a partnership with Intel. OnLive will be compatible with “10s of millions of consumer electronic devices powered by Intel embedded processors.”

There’s also a new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller in the works. It’s designed to work with any device that runs OnLive from televisions to smartphones.

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