E3 2011: Atlus picks up Devil Survivor 2 DS

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Devil Survivor 2 DS AtlusThe DS is going to go out with a bang in 2012. Atlus is making it’s surprise E3 2011 game announcements and among them is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, the sequel to the incredibly awesome strategic RPG Devil Survivor. (That’s Devil Survivor Overclock, if you’re a 3DS owner.) Once again, people will have to enter into contracts with monsterous demons in order to save the world.

In Devil Survivor 2, it isn’t just Tokyo that’s locked down and in danger. A website has appeared that can show people how they are going to die. Three high school students, your main party, looks on it and sees that they’re supposed to die in a subway accident any minute. Armed with this knowledge, they manage to cheat their own deaths, but then are confronted by monsters. The then enter into a contract that will let them summon demons to fight demons, and perhaps find a way to shut down the website and save everyone’s lives.

As in the original Devil Survivor 2, there will be multiple endings and quite a few people to recruit into your party. The visual novel element will return and depending how you talk to people and the actions you take, you could end up forging friendships. If you get along with characters, they’ll do better in battle.

The initial press release makes it seem like there’ll be one major change in Devil Survivor 2, and that’s mortality. It will be akin to the Fire Emblem series. There will be situations where members of your party can die if you aren’t strategic and carefully investigating each move before you make it.

I’m so excited. Devil Survivor was one of my favorite DS games. I liked it so much that I’m actually considering buying Devil Survivor Overclock for my 3DS, just for the extra scenario. So the announcement of an English release of Devil Survivor 2 has made my day!

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