E3 2011: Aliens: Colonial Marines might become a Wii U game

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Aliens Colonial Marines

Now, I have some news for you that could break some people who are hyped up about Wii U’s hearts. Sit down, and breath deep. Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sega and Gearbox Software’s FPS inspired by the Aliens movie series, isn’t a guaranteed Wii U game. It’s not even in development. Gearbox is currently looking at it in its research and development branch to see if the game could work on the Wii U.

See, that footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines running during the Nintendo E3 2011 press conference wasn’t from an actual Wii U game. It was from a Wii U prototype. That means Sega and Gearbox Software are pretty much just experimenting right now. You know, seeing what does and doesn’t work. So there are no promises or commitments. The companies are just looking at the Wii U and essentially thinking, “What if?”

There’s no need to worry or panic just yet. Aliens: Colonial Marine‘s release date is still a long ways away. It won’t be released until at the very earliest, Q1 2011. There’s plenty of time for Sega and Gearbox Software to make up their minds. Besides, the companies are already going to bring the game to the DS, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. If they are willing to put forth that kind of effort, then one more version doesn’t seem all that unlikely. Let’s be optimistic!

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