E3 2011: Telltale Games lets loose with The Walking Dead game

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Zombie Walking DeadThe Walking Dead comic and the AMC TV show based on it are about more than shambling zombie hordes. Oh sure, zombies kill humans and get killed by humans in brutal ways. But The Walking Dead is really about humans and the sacrifices they’re willing to make, or are unwilling to and must make anyway. That type of stuff makes for great stories, and great stories make great games. Telltale Games has earned a reputation for taking beloved properties such as Back To The Future and delivering an experience true to that universe.

This adventure game is revealing a few of its secrets at E3 2011. First, The Walking Dead takes place in the same universe as the TV show but features a different cast of characters. Taking center stage is Lee Everett, a convict who escapes during the ensuing panic of the zombie uprising. Like TV series protagonist Rick Grimes, Everett finds himself stuck in Atlanta. This former shining jewel of the South is now filled with the undead. Lee finds a 7-year-old girl named Clementine and though he’s got enough problems, he can’t leave her behind.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is taking part in the game’s direction to make sure things stay on track. As in the book and TV show, the game won’t just be about slaying zombies. You’ll have to make decisions on how to survive and they won’t always be easy. Even though Lee and Clementine’s tale is a different one, you may still run into a few familar faces. There’s a Facebook game scheduled for simultaneous release with the full game. The Walking Dead is only confirmed for PC, but I suspect a property this popular will eventually find its way to consoles too.

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