E3 2011: RUIN will offer Vita and PS3 cross-platform experiences

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Ruin Vita PS3

Only one Vita game shown at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference had immediate cross-platform compatibility. That game was Sony and Idol Minds’ RUIN. We watched on stage as a RUIN dungeon crawling experience started on a Vita and ended on an actual PS3. That’s a pretty good way to prove that the new handheld will communicate seemlessly and immediately with the existing handheld.

RUIN is a action RPG dungeon crawler with an overhead perspective. Players create a character and are tasked with building up their character, maintain their character’s lair and going through all kinds of dungeons to score swag and glory. The stronger you become, the better your lair can be. Not only that, but the better defenses appear before your lair.

See, RUIN is going to be a very social game. You’ll be able to develop rivalries with other players, both known and random. The goal is to show you’re the biggest and best. One of the ways to do that is to invade your rivals’ lairs. Each lair has a dungeon connected to it to protect people from immediately breaking in and trashing the joint. If your avatar is strong, then the dungeon preceeding your lair will be as well and it’ll be more difficult for other players to break in.

If they do break in, you’ll know it. RUIN will be constantly connected to the internet. So if you get into someone else’s lair or they get into yours, you’ll see it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites. Supposedly, other accomplishments can be broadcast as well.

But back to the cross-platform, cross play compatibility. RUIN will be both a Vita and PS3 game. So you can go from one to the other. There will be Cloud-based saves that are compatible with both versions, so you can maintain the same character and lair on both systems at the same time, switching between the two whenever you feel like it. That means your rivals could be Vita or PS3 owners as well.

No word yet on when we’ll see RUIN, or if that will even be the final name of the game. We’ll just have to rely on Sony to keep us in the loop!

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