E3 2011: Sony answers the most popular PlayStation Vita questions

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PS Vita

You’ve seen the PlayStation Vita, you’ve read about the PlayStation Vita and now you want a PlayStation Vita. You probably have a few questions about the device that have gone unanswered. Don’t worry, Sony hears you and it has put together a handy FAQ with answers to some of the most common questions. We’re going to go over some of the more interesting answers right here.

The PlayStation Vita will be released in phases around the world at the end of 2011. There will be two models available. The Wi-Fi only version will be $249 and the 3G version will be $299. The 3G access will be provided exclusively by AT&T. Sony would not confirm that AT&T would sell the device as well. The 3G PS Vita also can’t be tethered to a phone via Bluetooth to access the internet, or used as a phone itself. Also, the PS Vita can’t connect to Bluetooth keyboards, mice or a DualShock 3.

Games on the Vita will be stored on a new game medium that uses Flash memory on a card. The cards will be able to store the core game, saves and downloadable content. The Vita doesn’t appear to have any built-in storage. Sony says that the Vita has a separate storage slot that is used to house additional memory. We don’t know what format the media slot will support. Fortunately, SD cards and Pro Duo memory cards are much cheaper now than they were when the original PSP was released.

The Vita will be able to play PSP, PSP minis, PS Suite and PSone games. Sony doesn’t have any plans to make PS2 or PS3 games available on the device. Fortunately, the Vita will be region free, which means any Vita game you buy from anywhere in the world will work on every Vita handheld. Sony is looking into a way to transport PSP saves to the Vita, but it doesn’t have plans to introduce a peripheral that will read UMD games for the Vita.

The battery on the Vita cannot be removed and the Vita doesn’t have a video output feature. This means you can’t play your Vita games on your HDTV.

You win some and you lose some with the Vita. If its missing features went towards keeping the price down, that’s something I think we can all accept.

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