Pokemon Rumble inspires Super Pokemon Rumble for the 3DS

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Super Pokemon Scramble Super Pokemon Rumble 3DSOne of the lesser known entries in the Pokemon series of games is getting a 3DS sequel really soon. Guess which one it is? Time’s up! It’s the WiiWare series Pokemon Rumble, known as Pokemon Scramble in Japan. Nintendo and Umbrella are going to release Super Pokemon Scramble in Japan on July 28, 2011. This time, it isn’t a downloadable game though. You’ll actually see it on store shelves.

In the Pokemon Rumble/Pokemon Scramble series, you aren’t actually fighting with pokemon. You’re fighting with toy pokemon. Wind-up toys, to be precise. You start out with a low level, single pokemon and have to go through different areas to fight and possibly collect other toy pokemon. Once you have a good team, you can head into battle royales against other strong toy pokemon to prove you’re the strongest. Do well in the battle royals and you’ll earn money to spend on the pokemon toys you have to make them better. It’s also more like a beat’em up game than an RPG, like most other Pokemon games.

I’m excited! I always thought Pokemon Rumble was a great WiiWare game that deserved a lot more credit and attention. A 3DS sequel with Pokemon Black and White characters added in sounds even better. The only downside is the lack of online multiplayer, but still. Super Pokemon Scramble still seems like a good fit for the 3DS. At least it will support SpotPass. I bet Nintendo will use that to send people extra pokemon.

There’s no word yet on a worldwide release, but I’m sure we’ll see it here in the states. I mean, it isn’t like the Pokemon Rumble/Pokemon Scramble series is terribly difficult to localize. Besides, it’s Pokemon. Pokemon games always get localized. I’m betting we’ll see Super Pokemon Rumble on US store shelves before 2011 ends.

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