PlayStation Vita proprietary storage comes in four sizes

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PS Vita cards

In a rather long FAQ posted by Sony regarding the PlayStation Vita, the company reiterated that Vita will use a proprietary format for storing games. It’s natural to be apprehensive about this given the failure of the MiniDisc and UMD formats, but Sony is going to try its chances again. The memory cards that will store Vita games hasn’t been given an official name, but we do know what sizes they will come in.

The image you see above is of four PS Vita memory cards. They are 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB in size.

These cards will fit into one of the memory card slots the Vita has. One of the slots is for the proprietary memory cards that retail games will be loaded on to. The second slot is for expandable memory for storing music, movies, photos etc.

It isn’t clear what the four PS Vita-branded memory cards will be used for. One theory is that certain games require additional storage and will use the larger memory cards. All memory cards need to have enough storage to house games, saves and downloadable content.

Another theory is that these are the memory cards that will go into the expandable memory card slot. This suggests that using standard SD cards or Pro Duo memory cards won’t be acceptable.

If we are forced to store non-game data on these new memory cards, let’s hope Sony keeps the price down.

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