You can’t play Portal 2 MotionPack DLC without a Razer Hydra

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Portal 2 MotionPack DLC

I’m guessing everyone who owns Portal 2 has probably beaten it by now. In fact, you’re probably yearning for some of that free DLC Valve was talking about to give you a reason to play again. Well, too bad! No free DLC for you unless you have the Sixense Razer Hydra Motion Controller!

The Razer Hydra is a computer motion controller for Windows computers that costs $139.99. It even comes with a specially designed version of Portal 2 that is ready to go with the unique control scheme. Since it obviously adds a lot of extra options to play, this means that the MotionPack free DLC levels on Steam caters to this control scheme.

The MotionPack levels includes 10 maps for the single player campaign that need the Razer Hydra to play properly. Don’t scoff – modders would have a lot of trouble trying to tweak these for normal computers. That’s because the MotionPack levels include Weighted Companion Cubes that can be resized to solve puzzles. That, and there will be puzzles that require extreme precision when placing portals or directing lasers. It even introduces Portal Surfing, which requires you to slide a portal into the correct place.

As for the rest of us who don’t have $140 to spend on a computer controller, we’ll just have to wait. I’m sure Valve will get that free DLC to us before we know it!

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