Pre-order CoD: Black Ops Annihilation DLC, get nothing

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Annihilation DLC

Today GameStop announced an exclusive offer for its millions of customers. It is the only place where you can pre-order the upcoming CoD: Black Ops Annihilation DLC. The DLC is coming out on June 28 for $14.99 for Xbox 360. It will release on PS3 and PC a little later on.

What makes this announcement so strange is the fact that GameStop wants you to pre-order downloadable content. There are a few reasons why anyone would pre-order a game.

  • Customers can be guaranteed a copy in case the store runs out
  • Customers can get their games at midnight before anyone who didn’t pre-order
  • Pre-orders come with bonus content

The funny thing is GameStop isn’t offering any bonus content for this DLC. You’re just pre-ordering a code for a download that will never run out.

It all sounds silly to me.

Via [Business Wire]

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