Bullet-Point Preview: Cars 2 movie in 3D

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Cars 2 movie posterI saw an advance screening last night of Cars 2 in a 3D theater with my four-year-old son. His initial response was, “Too much mean” (but more on that in the upcoming review).

Cars 2 includes much of the original Cars voice cast as well as a multitude of new vehicles and appropriate voices. This time around Team McQueen, as they are now known, travel around the world for international races against different vehicles to show the potential power of alternative fuel. After a comedy of errors, Mater is sucked into an international spy adventure that intertwines with the rest of the team’s adventures.

Without revealing too much, here’s a slightly enigmatic, purposefully partially vague bullet-point preview of Cars 2 to whet your whistle.

  • Toy Story short film before the movie: Ken, Barbi and lots o’ luggage.
  • Jams Bond meets Herbie (with a side of Burn Notice)
  • A whirlwind tour of the world.
  • Cars a plenty.
  • More boats. And planes.
  • Plan a lot more shelf space for your Cars collection. A lot. And then some.
  • Losing your wheels is not a good thing. Cars go boom.
  • Was Michael “‘Splosion Man” Bay involved with this at all? No? Strange.
  • More PG than G.
  • Mater knows kung fu. (The Materix?)
  • Mostly Mater with a side of McQueen.
  • International eye candy.
  • Shiftwell? Yes she does.
  • Dents are a good thing.
  • Fuel rules. Big oil drools.
  • John Lassetire? Oh, I get it. See what they did there? So Punny.
  • No Doc. Yes Fillmore.
  • Gags galore.
  • Twins? In every country.
  • 3D means corks in the face.
  • Best credits song lyric: “Vroom vroom vroom.”

As usual, don’t be surprised if I add to this list as I recall more of the movie. Look for a review of Cars 2 on Gamertell after it is released this Friday (June 24, 2011).

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