inFamous 2 comes to PSN as a full download

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inFamous 2

You no longer have to leave the house to play the full version of inFamous 2. Sony just put the full game in the PlayStation Store for immediate download. It is selling for the normal retail price of $59.99. You can probably find the game for a little cheaper somewhere online, but chances are you won’t save more than a few bucks.

PlayStation Plus members (which is everyone at this point) can download a full game trial of inFamous 2. You can play the game for a full hour which is enough time to try out some new powers as good or evil Cole. Trophies can also be earned, but they won’t be unlocked unless you buy the full game.

Sony also points out that the first inFamous is still available for free as part of the Welcome Back program. Jump on that while you still can.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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