Backbreaker: Vengeance will go for 1,200 Microsoft Points

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Backbreaker Xbox Live

The industry is still attempting to figure out just how much consumers will pay for an arcade sports title. NaturalMotion’s Backbreaker: Vengeance may have inadvertently jumped to the forefront of the debate, as it will sell for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15). This is an HD console upgrade of NaturalMotion’s handheld Backbreaker which focused on football mini-games. One of the most popular was Tackle Alley, a game that forces the ball carrier through a narrow corridor filled with defenders and obstacles.

The portable Backbreaker achieved more than 1 million downloads on iOS and other mobile platforms. The recent press release mentioned everything but the price which, of course, called attention to the price. Somebody on the PR team probably realized it was on the steep end as far as arcade games go.

It will be interesting to see if football fans sign with this team. NaturalMotion has a similar experience available on iOS for $0.99. A new copy of the 2010 Backbreaker can be had at many stores for the same price or less. In the arcade football genre, EA’s Madden Arcade offers up full games and online play for just 800 MP. A 1200 MP price point will put Vengeance in competition with heavyweights such as Plants vs. Zombies. That one was even on sale for 600 last week, and it enjoys universal acclaim.

Vengeance does boast more game modes than its iOS forebear and is in HD. The NFL lockout is still going on, and we don’t know yet if that will impact football game sales in any way. It’s understandable if a lot of football fans aren’t as excited as they might ordinarily be.

Don’t be shocked to see Vengeance hit “Deal of the Week” pricing soon. It releases July 29,2011, on Xbox Live and will come to PSN only in Europe.

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