PlayStation Plus celebrates its birthday with bonus months for subscribers

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PS Plus birthday Today marks the first birthday of PlayStation Plus. A year ago, I had my doubts about this service. At the time, it came off as nothing more than a way to monetize PSN without forcing subscriptions to get the most out of the network. I can now say without a doubt that PS Plus is much more than that. It really does pay for itself in a short period of time. We’ve all gotten a 30-day free trial of the service, so you’ve been able to make up your mind on whether you’ll renew your subscription at the beginning of July. If you do, you’ll get at least one month free.

Sony has a couple special offers in place until July 11 for anyone who wants to renew their PS Plus subscriptions for either a year, or three months. If you buy a year of PS Plus, you’ll get 3 months for free. A three month subscription will yield one free month.

So if you want to be privy to betas such as the promising, yet currently flawed, Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta, you should throw down the cash within the next 12 days.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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  • UnclGhost

    Interesting, since if you bought a one-year package one year ago, you shouldn't need to renew yet, since they had the same deal back then.