Dead Block’s take on tower defense zombie killing releases in July

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Dead Block If playing Trenched got you in the mood for some console tower defense games, you may want to keep a lookout for a little game called Dead Block. Dead Block will be released for XBLA on July 6 before making the journey over to PSN on July 20. Dead Block will appeal to some players due to the fact that it has zombies. Others may be drawn in by the tower defense gameplay style and its somewhat comical approach to the potential end of mankind.

In Dead Block, zombies have risen thanks to the evil powers of rock ‘n roll in the 1950s. In a town that was once ripe with Americana, three survivors put their backs against the wall to hold out against the approaching zombie hordes.

The three survivors are Jack Foster (construction worker), Foxy Jones (meter maid) and Mike Bacon (chubby boy scout). Each survivor is playable and have their own special attack that has been named “Smart Bomb.”

The tower defense element sets in when you have to board up windows and set traps for the zombies to set off. The traps are unlockable as well. When all else fails, each player will access to upgradable melee weapons.

Oh and yes, you can play this game online with up to three people.

Dead Block will cost $9.99 or 800MSP points.

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