Review: Back to the Future Episode 5: Outatime for PC

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Title: Back to the Future: Outatime
Price: $24.99
System(s): *PC
Release Date: June, 23, 2011
Publisher (Developer): Telltale games
ESRB Rating: “EVERYONE” Mild language
Pros: final episode! Wraps up the whole story, very fun and nice and long!
Cons: some voices hard to hear.
Overall Score: two thumbs up 99 out of 100 A * * * * ½ out of 5

Young Emmitt wants to continue with his science path but old Emmitt decided that a life of science is not worth risking his long lost love. This creates quite a dilemma for poor Marti.

As if that’s not bad enough, Edna Strickland has stolen the Delorian and inadvertently used it to travel back in time and destroy Hillvalley. What a way to end the series.

Back in Time for the Last Time


Outatime is just like the previous 4 games: Something goes wrong and Marti has to fix it.

In this episode, too, you have to save Emmitt from himself (literally), you have to stop Edna from destroying Hillvalley plus you have to convince adult Emmitt that Edna is not the love of his life after all.

You finally get to see the science fair in all it’s glory. You also get to see the town’s inventions and try them out a bit and see what they thought the future was going to look like in the early 1900s. No flying cars, exactly, but privacy telephones and fruit baskets that replenish every day. You spend most of the game inside the science fair looking around and trying to find the missing Emmitt (and getting rid of Edna who is trying to stop the whole thing) and then a bit of time in the past trying to save the once-again altered future.

Being the last episode, everything is finally cleared up about Marti’s grandfather, Trixie and what really happens with Doc and Edna. You’ll also see the return of a certain thug that has been harassing the McFlys all through time.

Hey McFly!


This episode felt very long and, at certain points, felt like it was going to end but then kept on going. When I say long I mean long in a good way, as in you feel you got your money’s worth. Never does it get dull or seem to drag out since there is always a new objective, such as dealing with Emmitt’s dad or trying to get the dirt on Edna. This game may actually have more objectives then the previous games did which is what gives it that longer feel.

The puzzles also seemed to require fewer steps to completion as well. Some of the episodes would involve you having to find a bunch of items or go through a ton of steps for just one objective but, in this game, the smaller objectives didn’t require many steps. Sometimes having to dwell too long on single objective in a game can make the feel like it is dragging along.

I like that they include a hints box at the top that range from subtle to flat out telling you what to do, sometimes you just need a shove in the right direction and don’t want to read any spoiler filled walkthroughs. Also they include a “the story so-far” box in case it’s been a while between playings and you forgot what the heck is going on.

My one complaint about the game is that the voice acting was too low. There were a couple characters whose voices I could not hear and therefore missed some of the jokes or just simple dialogue.

The End. For Realz


I loved this finale and found it to be a great way to tie up all the lose ends and provide closure. Plus the length was good and didn’t give you the feel that it all ended too soon.

I once again strongly suggest you play all the Back to the Future: The Gameepisodes to get the full effect and understand what is going on in the story.

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  • Everton

    i like whole game but the end sucks, i hate this finale, there’s only two future to BTTF, in one, the time space has been destroyed by constant time travels and another doc decides give up of his inventions and gives the history a new chance without time travels. this final sucks because its just to open more history.

    • Jessica Moen

      Yes i see what your saying, but how can we have BTTF without future time travel?