Black Rock Studio closes down

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Black Rock Studio The show is over for the Disney Interactive Studios-owned Black Rock Studio. DIS confirmed that Black Rock Studio will be closing down. Black Rock Studio went though a round of layoffs in May that affected around 100 jobs. Only 40 jobs were spared at that time.

Some former Black Rock employees have landed on their feet. RoundCube Entertainment was formed in early June. The studio is headed up by the game director for Split Second.

Black Rock was currently developing another game, but Disney has halted development on it. According to Eurogamer, that game in question was called Champions Alliance. Champions Alliance was going to be a real-time strategy game that followed a group of teenagers that were trapped in an alternative universe thanks to the Norse god Loki.

Champions Alliance would have relied on PVE and PVP combat to build experience. The end goal was to escape the alternate universe. Had Disney not shut down Black Rock, Champions Alliance would have been released in beta form in about six months.

One anonymous source told Eurogamer why Disney didn’t want to go ahead with Champions Alliance.

“Disney seemed unable to work out what to do with the studio and didn’t trust us to do anything other than racing really – despite having a range of great talent at the studio, from a wide variety of backgrounds,” the source said.”

Black Rock also developed the ATV racing game Pure.

Via [Eurogamer] Via [Eurogamer]

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