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BioShock Rapture Next week on July 19, BioShock: Rapture will be released. No, this isn’t another game in the BioShock franchise. BioShock: Rapture is a new book written by John Shirley and Ken Levine. This 400+ page book details the beginning of Rapture, the underwater utopia envisioned and created by Andrew Ryan. BioShock: Rapture will delve deep into the fiction of Rapture and explain exactly what went wrong in this city under the sea.

BioShock: Rapture can be purchased from a multitude of places. The cheapest price I’ve seen is from Walmart’s website. Walmart charges paperback $8.96 for the paperback before taxes and shipping. Amazon is selling the hardcover edition for $17.18 and the Kindle Edition for $9.99.

After reading some excerpts of the book, I’m convinced that $8.96 is a fair price to learn more about Rapture. The experts explain what was Andrew Ryan’s tipping point to give the green light that created Rapture. It even takes us back to Ryan’s childhood when he was known as Andrei Rianofski.

If you’re at all interested in the BioShock lore, you may want to give this book a read. It’ll be like playing a videogame in your head.

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