Japanese and European 3DS owners get the Nintendo Video app today

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Nintendo Video

Hey, all you happy people in Europe and Japan. Do you feel like watching a handful of videos on your 3DS today? Because you can. In the July 13, 2011 3DS eShop update for both regions, the free Nintendo Video application is now ready to download. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves, and don’t worry about those of in North America and Australia who won’t be seeing any free shows.

At least those of us in the neglected regions can take some pleasure in knowing the initial batch of videos available for Nintendo Video stink. No, really. Nintendo Video has Nintendo picking what you get to watch, and Nintendo has announced only two viewing options for the European service and three for the Japanese service. If you have a European 3DS, you get the Oscar’s Oasis cartoon and D4D’s Magic Tricks in 3D. The Japanese Nintendo Video service is getting a 3D Fura Fura Machi Aruki Kyoto Kyoto tour show, the Tokyo Girls Collection and Yoshimoto Nintendo 3DS Experimental Theater, which is a bunch of random comedy skits. Yes, that’s the kind of content that makes me want to cry to the heavens about not getting the Nintendo Video app on my 3DS.

What makes it even better (for people who don’t have the Nintendo Video channel yet) is that Nintendo won’t be updating this every day, or probably every week. Nintendo hasn’t released an update schedule, only saying the app will get new shows and episodes periodically, and the new videos will be delivered via SpotPass for anyone who has that function turned on.

The Nintendo Video service is, of course, eventually coming to North America. Joystiq got a statement from Nintendo saying the free Nintendo Video will be out before Summer 2011 ends and that the free Netflix application that will allow current (and new) Netflix subscribers to watch video via their 3DS will be appearing in the eShop soon as well.

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