What Sony’s upcoming PS3 hardware revision means for you

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Yesterday, a GameStop memo that was sent to Kotaku revealed that Sony will be shipping a new PS3 model. It’s referred to as the “K” model and requires a HDMI cable for viewing high definition video. There can be some confusion as to what these new systems will and won’t do, so we’re going to try our best here to clear some of it up.

For starters, these new PS3 models will still allow us to play games and stream videos (Netflix, Hulu Plus) in high definition using component cables. However, it will not allow Blu-ray movies to be played through any connection other than HDMI.

Sony had to make changes to the the new PS3s to make them compliant with Advanced Access Content System requirements.

If you already own a PS3 and are watching Blu-ray movies through component cables, you don’t have to make any changes. The new standard only applies to the upcoming “K” model PS3s.

Should you find yourself buying one of these new PS3s, make sure you have room for another HDMI cable in your television. Otherwise you’ll find yourself to missing out on a crucial PS3 feature.

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