Today’s 3DS eShop update includes Netflix

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Nintendo 3DS NetflixIt’s okay that Japan and Europe ended up getting the Nintendo Video app in the 3DS eShop today. Totally fine. If you live in either country, go ahead and enjoy your free videos. Those of us in North America aren’t jealous anymore, because it turns out we’re getting Netflix tomorrow.

Yes, news about Nintendo’s 3DS eShop update for July 14, 2011 has leaked out and biggest news is a free Netflix app. You just head to the eShop, download it and you’re all set. As long as you have a Netflix account that allows streaming video, you can immediately start watching videos. They’ll be 2D videos yes, but they’ll be videos nonetheless.

This news comes immediately after Netflix changed it’s subscription options. Anyone who subscribes now has to pay separately for streaming video and videos delivered to your home. Each plan is $7.99, so you need to pay $15.98 a month if you want videos via internet and mail. Of course, Netflix on the 3DS only requires the streaming media plan, so you can probably get by with the $7.99 plan.

While Netflix on the 3DS is nice, there is a downside. You actually have to be connected to the internet to watch it. Since the 3DS only allows you to save three internet connections to the system, odds are you’re using it at home. Somehow, I get the feeling most people would rather have Netflix stream videos through their Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 to their TV than watch it on their itty, bitty 3DS screen. The one benefit is, if you have a Wii and a 3DS then you can start watching a show or movie on the Wii with Netflix, then pause it and pick up where you left off on your 3DS.

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