Rift only $9.99 at Amazon today

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Rift Trion Worlds

Normally, when Amazon reduces only one video game for it’s Deal of the Day sale, it isn’t anything to get worked up about. It’s usually only 10% or 20% off. That didn’t happen with today’s Rift sale. The Trion Worlds MMORPG is experiencing a drastic, one day price drop today (July 18, 2011). The price has been slashed by 80%, making it only $9.99. Not only that, but the collector’s has also had it’s price sharply cut, and you can get it for $17.99.

Think of Amazon’s Rift deal like this. Normally, buying the game at Amazon would cost you $49.99 for the standard edition or $79.99 for the collector’s edition. By getting it for $9.99 or $17.99, you can spend that additional $40 or $62 on paying for Rift subscription fees. You could tentatively sign up for a three month subscription, giving you a chance to sample the game for a while and get a feel for it, and pretend it was free.

Also, Trion Worlds is currently holding a Summer of Savings Subscription Plan sale for Rift throughout July 2011. Certain subscription plans are discounted. Normally, the three month plan is $12.99 a month, the six month one $10.99 a month and the annual $9.99 a month. During this sale, you could get a three month subscription for $12.29 per month, a six month one for $10.29 per month or an annual one for $8.99 per month. So this could all work out very well for you.

If you’re really, truly interested in Rift, then springing for the collector’s edition is probably your best bet. You get the game, a soundtrack, a poster, a 128 page Rift hardcover comic book, a Rift SteelSeries mousepad and an 8gb USB drive. You also get a Tartagon turtle mount, a Collector’s Satchel and a Bogling Wastrel pet set for your character.

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    That is awesome price. Get it while you can trust me.