Atelier Totori starts alchemizing in September 2011

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Atelier Totori Adventurer of Arland

All this news about canceled games is getting depressing! Let’s move on to some happier news. Hey, Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland now has a solid release date! That’s bound to make some PS3 owners happy. NIS America just wanted to let everyone know that people can help Totori start making up some items on September 27, 2011.

Totori is the daughter of a famous Arland Adventurer. They’re kind of like mercenaries who help the kingdom’s knights explore and develop surrounding areas. Except her mother disappeared somewhere. So Totori heads to Arland to search for leads on her mother’s whereabouts, as well as to become an alchemist. She learns Rorona, the alchemist from Atelier Rorona and completes all kinds of requests and tasks while searching for the truth.

Ok, let’s get right to it and start watching Atelier Totori.

If you’re really excited about Atelier Totori, then you may want to look into the premium edition. It’s a limited edition set that comes with the game, an artbook and a soundtrack. The soundtrack alone would probably make the package worth it – Atelier games usually have very soothing and beautiful music in them. A standard version will also, of course, be available. We don’t know how much the limited edition will cost, but the game alone should be $59.99, just like Atelier Rorona.

Now, I know it looks incredibly cutesy and pastel, but I really suggest you take a chance on Atelier Totori. Like Atelier Rorona, it has multiple endings, so there’s tons of replay value. Plus, the Atelier series always end up being fun, lighthearted and relaxing RPGs.

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