Epic president speaks about the Unreal franchise

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Unreal Tournament 3

Back in April of 2010, we questioned what happened to Unreal Tournament. Epic Games has not said anything about that franchise in a long time. The last Unreal game, entitled Unreal Tournament 3 debuted in 2007. Epic has been focusing its attention on the Gears of War series and other titles, but it may soon return to the fast-paced multiplayer shooter that was adored by many.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, Epic Games president Mike Capps admitted that Epic hasn’t been showing the Unreal franchise much love lately.

“We haven’t been giving it [Unreal] the attention it deserves because we’ve been focusing on Gears of War and we’re still a relatively small company,” Capps said.

Capps also mentioned how new IPs such as Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade have taken focus away from long-standing IPs. Capps said from a business perspective, Epic “should be spending some more time” with those properties.

The mystery that remains is whether Unreal can still bring in fans like it used to.

Via [IndustryGamers]

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