Female Shepard’s appearance is in your hands

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female Shepard We know, we know, no one’s female Shepard is as good as yours. I’m quite partial to my Jade Shepard myself. She’s a no-nonsense commander with a mean punch. But we have to remember that there has to be a universal female Shepard that is recognizable to everyone. It’s up to you to decide who she will be.

BioWare is using Facebook to hold votes on what the default female Shepard from Mass Effect 3 will look like. There are six models to choose from. The picture you see to the right just happens to be my personal choice.

Choosing your favorite is as simple as logging into Facebook and clicking “like” on your dream Shepard.

BioWare kept things fare by putting the Shepards in the same pose. They all have this eyes-up-while-looking angry look to them. Earth is under attack after all, so I’d be angry too.

Via [Mass Effect Facebook]

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  • Jenni Lada

    I went with option 3, because she looks like my Paragon Shepard from my first playthrough. The blonde one (which is in the lead) looked too much like Metroid: Other M's version of Samus for me.