Twisted Metal’s ESRB rating goes from Teen to Mature

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Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth

Months before it’s set to go on sale, the ESRB rating for Twisted Metal has changed. For the longest time, it was known that Twisted Metal would carry a T-for-Teen rating. At Twisted Metal’s Comic-Con 2011 panel, David Jaffe revealed that Twisted Metal will scrap its previous rating in favor of the more graphic M-for-Mature rating.

Fans of the Twisted Metal franchise understand how the game can be very disturbing. A lot of the story is conveyed through scenes of violence. Even though most of the previous Twisted Metal games carried a T-for-Teen rating, the live-action cinematic scenes in the new Twisted Metal would have lost their luster without blood.

Jaffe emphasized the new rating by showing a live-action video featuring Sweet Tooth after killing a woman as blood forms around a radio.

Twisted Metal will be released on October 4, 2011. Unfortunately, there won’t be a wide-scale beta phase like some games tend to have. Eat.Sleep.Play. will host private betas as a way to get more accurate information regarding Twisted Metal’s performance.

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