Cross-game chat will come to the PS Vita

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PS Vita

Cross-game chat is something PS3 owners have been begging Sony to deliver for a long time. If you check the comments section of any relatively recent firmware update post on the PlayStation Blog, you’ll find quite a few people asking “where’s cross-game chat?” Well my friends your wish will come true at the end of this year when Sony releases the PlayStation Vita.

Vita will have a Party mode that will enable Vita owners to form a party and communicate through voice and text. According to a Eurogamer report, up to four people can participate in a Party at once. They will stay in communication with each other no matter what they’re doing on Vita.

A member of a Party can also start a game and invite friends with ease. Specific parties can also be created for a certain game. If you have a few friends that you regularly team up with in a single game, you can assign them to a group that is separate of others. It’s up to developers to decide if they want to add Party functionality to their games.

There is still no indication on if or when cross-game chat will find its way to the PS3.

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