Humble Indie Bundle #3 now includes Minecraft pass

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Minecraft Scenery Picture

If you haven’t bought yourself the Humble Indie Bundle #3 yet, you now have yet another great reason to do so. A little something extra has been added for anyone who agrees to take part in this potentially charitable endeavor. Have you ever heard of a little indie game called Minecraft? I know you have! It’s just been added to the bundle.

Well, Minecraft has only loosely been added. Anyone who buys, or has bought, the Humble Indie Bundle #3 gets a access to an exclusive promotional version of the indie darling. You’ll get a pass to play the game until August 14, 2011. So if buy the Humble Indie Bundle #3 today, you’ll get over two weeks to play Minecraft for free!

As always, The Humble Indie Bundle #3 is an endeavor where Humble Bundle Inc. gets a group of games together and sells it for whatever people want to pay for it. You decide who gets your money – the game developers, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation or Humble Bundle Inc. This round, you get And Yet It Moves, Cogs, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Hammerfight and VVVVVV, as well as the newly added Minecraft pass. All the games you get are playable on Windows, Macs and Linux.

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