Groove Coaster is the music rhythm game you need for iOS

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Groove Coaster It seems like it has been too long since we’ve seen a great music rhythm game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Last week, a little game from Taito called Groove Coaster came along and answered our wishes. You can pick it up for the limited-time only price of $0.99.

Groove Coaster takes the typical approach of rhythm games by having you tap the screen once your avatar passes over colored dots. Your timing can get you a rating of either cool, good or great. The more accurate your timing is, the more experience you get at the end of the level.

The experience you earned actually level you up. You’re also given rewards such as avatars, skins and items. Some avatars even have special passive abilities.

The real treat of Groove Coaster is its visuals. It really does feel as if you’re on a psychedelic roller coaster. The track is filled with twists, turns and loops that become more prominent as you move further in the game. The effects your avatar produces when hitting a note also makes the visuals pop.

Groove Coaster is fun enough on easy mode, but normal mode give you an extra challenge. Sometimes you run into beat patterns that aren’t present in the easy mode. It gives you a reason to go back through all the songs a second time. If you want, you can also buy more songs, avatars and items.

For $0.99, Groove Coaster is a must-have game for fans of music games.

iTunes Link [Groove Coaster]

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