You always have to be online to play Diablo III

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Diablo III

So, how’s that always online DRM working for you? I hope you’ve found a way to make peace with it, because it isn’t going away. The latest game to adopt it is the Windows and Mac action RPG, Diablo III. Et tu Activision Blizzard?

Activision Blizzard decided to provide an unusual justification for always-online DRM in Diablo III. When PC Gamer got an opportunity to talk to Blizzard’s Alex Mayberry and Rob Pardo, they said it was to keep people honest. The company decided that this would be a good way to keep people from cheating. After all, the company is going to allow people to sell items for real money in virtual auctions. This way, people can’t cheat and create their own items or hack other items. So instead of having people have one character just for offline play, that could or could not be modified, and one just for online play on, people just have the one. If you want to be optimistic about this, then at least you’ll know you’re (probably) playing with and against people who legitimately built up their characters.

Activision Blizzard did admit that preventing piracy is another reason for having always-online play in Diablo III. But both Mayberry and Pardo really tried to push the idea that this time it’s about making sure people don’t illegally modify their characters. It also seemed like Pardo was trying to make it seem like a time-saver, since it would let people use the same character for online and offline play.

This news comes immediately after the news that Diablo III fan-created mods and bots will be banned. When you first install and run the game, you’ll see fan creations are explicitly banned in the Terms of Use.

How disheartening! I feel bad for people who have horrible and unreliable internet service. (I know sometimes my AT&T internet can be quite fickle during storms.) And to remove the right for players to build upon the game with custom mods is another blow to any potential Diablo III buyers. So, is always-online DRM and no modding a dealbreaker for you?

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