Japan Import: The Rhythm Heaven Wii soundtrack has 177 songs

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Minna no Rhythm Tengoku Rhythm Heaven WiiThe North American, Wii release of Rhythm Heaven may not have a release date yet, but fans of Nintendo’s music mini-game collection can start preparing themselves with a handy little import. See, in Japan the game is known as Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (Everybody’s Rhythm Heaven) and was released on July 21, 2011 and, as is common with major Japanese game releases, an official soundtrack is going to be released.

On August 24, 2011, Everybody’s Rhythm Heaven Complete Music Collection will be in stores. It’s a four CD set filled with 177 tracks taken directly from Everybody’s Rhythm Heaven. It also seems like some songs from Rhythm Tengoku (GBA) and Rhythm Heaven (DS), Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan, will be in the collection as well. Now, I know that track listing sounds impressive, but keep in mind that some of the songs are probably around a minute long, and may be even shorter.

Importing Everybody’s Rhythm Heaven Complete Music Collection should be fairly easy. A number of websites, such as Play-Asia, feature video game soundtracks. I haven’t seen any listings for it yet, but check under Minna no Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven once you start looking. Oh, and also expect to pay around $62 (¥4,800) once you do find it.

Everybody’s Rhythm Heaven, or Rhythm Heaven Wii as it’s known here, is a mini-game collection where you complete tasks and succeed by pushing one button in time with the music. The series is a beloved Nintendo staple in Japan, but is just starting to gain fans in other regions. Here’s a trailer showing what to expect.

So, you can listen to the music, get used to it, so your timing will be flawless once the game is actually released!

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