Gears of War executive producer said people who viewed leak complained about spoilers

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Gears of War 3

Rod Fergusson, executive producer of the Gears of War series, loves the game’s dedicated fans. He doesn’t always understand them, though. In an interview with Edge, he talks about the July leak of GOW 3 footage and the bizarre reaction of some who saw it. Fergusson compared viewing the leaked footage to watching a “making of” documentary about a movie before you see the movie. He said it would be equivalent to a magician showing how the trick works before doing it. Some people even had the gall to complain about spoilers after watching the unauthorized footage.

How do you keep a fanbase that rabid satisfied? One way the team at Epic Games hopes to do it is four-player co-op. The producer noted that’s not easy as you have to provide cover for all four players, opportunities for all four players to flank, and keep the level of challenge sufficiently high. He said that was one of the reasons Epic decided to add the Lambent to the game. These enemies have heads and arms that mutate, allowing them to shoot multiple players at the same time.

There’s also an Arcade Mode to give players reason to do campaign mode over again. Hardcore players can compete over and over again to get the most points in a chapter, or to stack team multipliers. Beast Mode is a new take on survival that allows players to compete as Locust. You can start as a lowly but lethal Ticker and work your way up to becoming a more fearsome creature. The popular Horde Mode returns with upgrades including currency and the ability to build fortifications.

If all that sounds intimidating, know that the game will feature a section for casual multiplayer. That way, you can enjoy the game even if you not a general in the COG army with decorations from every game in the series.

For those that didn’t view any spoilers, the campaign will include twists and turns in the story of Delta Squad. We’ve been following these hardened soldiers for three games now. Dom Santiago lost his beloved wife. Marcus Fenix learned his father is still alive. And in a running gag for GOW, a member of the Carmine clan has bit the big one. For the third installment, Epic Games allowed fans to vote on whether Clayton Carmine will live or die. GOW 3 brings the battle for Sera to its epic conclusion September 20, 2011 on Xbox 360.

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