A look at the musical stylings of LittleBigPlanet 2’s Toy Story DLC

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LBP2 Toy Story DLC LittleBigPlanet 2 received some pretty cool DLC this week. The Toy Story DLC contains everything from costumes to themed levels. Along with those themed levels are a few new music tracks that were designed just for this game. The three tracks were composed by Winifred Phillips who is also known for her musical work on God of War, Spore Hero and SimAnimals. Phillips was kind enough to provide Gamertell with all three of the new music tracks for LBP2’s Toy Story DLC, and we’d like to share our thoughts about them.

Each new track is built around a theme. There is a western theme, a space theme and a big band theme. When you hear these songs, you really get the sensation that Toy Story played a major role in the composition. These songs weren’t just crafted to compliment the theme of their levels. What you get is a sort of fusion between the stylings of LittleBigPlanet and Toy Story.

Even without LBP 2 backing it up, these songs can stand on their own. My favorite track out of the three was initially the big band theme, but I started to enjoy the Western track over the others after listening to it several times.

The Western theme has a happy-go-lucky composition that you’d expect to hear in a LBP game. It has a good mix of acoustic guitar, piano and banjo picking that compliments each other well. As the song progressed I felt like instigating a good ol’ fashioned hoedown (with myself of course) complete with improvised lyrics.

The space theme is the more heroic song of the three. It’s difficult to describe how space sounds, but trust me, if space had a mixtape, this song would be on it. A little over a minute into the track, the music takes on a more serious tone. In my head, I envisioned a space battle in which the good guy is outnumbered. The song never brings the mood down so low that you’d think there’s no hope.

This brings us to the big band theme. And yes, it does sound like an upbeat big band. You may want to dress your Sackboy up in some fancier clothes when this song plays.

If you get nothing else out of LBP’s Toy Story DLC, you’re going to enjoy the music.

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