Getting to know the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta [Video]

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Resistance 3 multiplayer

The Resistance 3 multiplayer beta is in full effect. If you have a code, feel free to redeem it on the PlayStation Network right now. If you don’t have a code, keep up with Insomniac Games on Facebook or Twitter. Insomniac has a tendency to give away dozens of codes at once. I’ve been playing the beta for couple days and like what I see so far. Full impressions are coming, but let’s go on a video tour of the beta for now.

This is the first of two Resistance 3 beta videos we’ll post. This first video will show you around the menu system. You’ll be able to check out the different weapons, character skins and perks.

Hopefully this video will give you a good idea of what to expect when you play Resistance 3‘s multiplayer. The next video will be all about actual gameplay. As soon as the servers become more stable, we’ll shoot the video and post it for you.

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