PS Vita is getting a Disgaea 3 port

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Disgaea 3

The rumors about a Vita port of the PS3 exclusive Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice were valid. Of course, given NIS’s track record when it comes to Disgaea ports, it’s not like there was really ever any doubt. The company just made the official announcement that Disgaea 3 Returns is for real in Dengeki PlayStation.

Disgaea 3 Returns is going to be the ultimate incarnation of Disgaea 3. It is not only a perfect port of the PS3 game, it will also include all of the DLC that PS3 owners had to pay for. That includes the entire Raspberyl Mode DLC adventure that’s almost long enough to be a game on its own, all the extra characters and the Item World Command and Survival Attack Modes.

In addition, the Vita version of Disgaea 3 will also have four new scenarios. In each one, a side character will get to be the hero or heroine and go on an all new adventure. Since Raspberyl’s been pretty much covered with her DLC, odds are she won’t be the star of one of the Vita exclusive scenarios. I wouldn’t be surprised if Almaz or Sapphire ended up being the star of one of them. Disgaea 3 Returns will probably take people at least twice as long to complete as the original Disgaea 3.

Right now, NIS America is planning to make sure the Disgaea 3 port is among the PS Vita launch titles when the handheld makes its Japanese debut. No word yet on if the plans remain the same for a North American release. I’m sure we’ll get it though. We’ve received every single Disgaea release so far, so why wouldn’t we get the Disgaea 3 port?

Read [Sokuhu @ Hokanko (Japanese)] Via [Andriasang]

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